The Terran Federation

Terra is the Cradle of Mankind, and was it’s main political centre for centuries after the diaspora started. It was only with the emergence of the other great Galatic Powers such as The Pact and the Empire that other worlds could develop themselves as capital planets. Yet, the biggest player in the galaxy has always being the Terran Federation.

Officially the Federation is not a single government body as is the Republic and the Pact, but Rather the union of several semi-independent planets into a great pan-systemic parliament. The Federation is a military and commercial pact of cooperation and mutual protection, and it’s main ruling body is the Federation Congress in Terra, with over six Hundred members. They vote and debate in most matters that interest the Federation as a whole, as well as laws that must be followed and enforced by all estates within the Federation. But besides those laws, such as laws against slavery and protecting the right to private propriety, each estate within is free to have it’s own legislation. They are also responsible for their own armed forces and diplomatic relations. The Federation acts as an umbrella protecting smaller nations from being bullied by bigger players and ensuring an overall spirit of cooperation.

Although each estate has their own independent military, members of the Federation have a quota of personnel and resources they must dedicate, based on their population size and economy, to the Federation armed forces. Called Universal Defence Alliance of Nations, or simply UDAN, they are a peacekeeping force most of the time, but can be used to ‘liberate’ oppressed potential estates as well as guard Federation worlds against outside aggression. The UDAN is the shield of small colonies and the hammer of big corporations and nations interest, intervening with it’s massive military might where the fists of a single estate won’t do.

Within the UDAN, there is a strong military and research group called the Special Resources Division. The SRD is responsible for the development of new weaponry and military technology, in a minor degree since most of it is bought from private contractors, and it’s also is responsible for the researching, training and deployment of Psionic assets. Due to it’s still not fully understood nature, Psionism must be handled by specialists, and many SRD officers are Psionic themselves or specialists on the topic. SRD troops are in its vast majority, composed of regular non-psionic personal, but almost all Psionic officially working with military Personal are on the SRD payroll or under its jurisdiction and/or supervision. SRD also is the one responsible for operations involving Alien intelligence, such as precursor research and operations involving Landarr and Tallguys.

The Terran Federation

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