The Pact

The Pact was formed in the late days of the 28th century, in the core world of Yala. After a political uprising removed the planetary parliament from office, the political leaders of the country had such divided projects and political ideals that no actual leadership had an outstanding chance to claim the power. In this vacuum, they decided to elect a council of educated citizens to run the country until they figure how they would organize the next elections. They figure picking doctors and professors without clear political stances would be the best way to ensure some form of neutrality. Most, they were stalling for time to organize themselves into proper political parties. But the Yalan scientists and professors placed as a short lived measure had their own ideals.

They shocked the public opinion by proposing the creation of a technocratic democracy based on scientific principles rather than philosophical and political ones. And by then, the Yalan people were so fed up with bickering politics that this idea actually became quite popular. This council managed to retain power and rule Yala for twenty years, with outstanding success in the fields of economy and healthcare, as well as reducing bureaucratic process considerably and speeding up judicial disputes. This measures gave them so much popularity that other planets in the neighbouring systems decided to copy and adopt many of their measures. Yala formed a close bound with those worlds, both commercially but also a a political guide.

It was the birth of the Pact. Today, each signatory planet of the Pact is governed by a council, that elects a representative to the high council of Yala. This council members are elected among the most intelligent individuals and they show disdain for traditional politics and economics, based on alliances, parties and lobbies. Instead, the pact is governed by pure logic or so the council and its citizens, at least the majority, believes.

The Genetic Caste System and Database
All citizens born in the pact have injected with a electronic sub-dermal identification chip. This works as their identity within the Pact space, as the database where this chips are registered spans across all the signatory planets. They also have a duty to undergo a relative through medical examination every five years, results of which are imputed in the same database, along with a wide range of bio-metrical identifications: Fingerprints, DNA, face recognition registry. All this information is stored into a super bio-computer called ‘The Hexagon’ or informally, ‘The Brain’. Using this along with a extensive knowledge of genomes, DNA and potential development, the Pact ranks it’s citizens in castes ranging from A to F.

Based on this labelling, the citizen has access to a different set of privileges. Grade A citizens are those with the most desirable set of genes, strong immune systems and both physically and mentally stable and strong. They are given free education in the most advanced of the Pact colleges, free access to top grade clinics and health system. Couples of Grade A citizens have a significant cost aid when they have children, and have no in how many kids they can have. Grade B citizens also count with elite free education and military, but couples of grade Bs are limited to three children before mandatory neutering. The full list of benefits, rights and possible combinations for reproduction programs varies greatly, but suffice to say any citizen born and graded E or F is necessarily neutered on the first year of life, and couples of grade D citizens must actually pay the government to have kids, and still are limited to one per couple.

With over three centuries of this programs, and nearly six generations, the Pact has actually experienced a great improvement on it’s genetic pool, and Interplanetary wide research of the results of this just confirms the High Council belief in the original concept. Using the mandatory medical exams that every citizen undergo every five years, and cross referencing the results of millions and millions of exams with the DNA of millions of citizens, the Pact understanding of human DNA, genetic potential and selective breeding is beyond any other galactic nation.

Pact genetic manipulation isn’t restricted to humans only. Yala is the biggest centre in the galaxy for biotechnological research. Pact economic system means that every research company is at least half owned by the government, giving them full access to the results of the researches. As a result, pact has the most advanced medicine and pharmaceuticals in the galaxy, and actually makes a fortune in interstellar trade selling medicines and genetic enhanced seeds or animals. While human cloning is strictly forbidden and taboo across the whole galaxy, in the Pact, the government reserves to itself the rights to practice it or authorized a research team to do so.

The pact gave the galaxy the Ourikon, a genetic engineered animal very similar in taste and nutrition to a cow, used as cattle. Ourikon grow quickly without the addition of synthetic hormones, and they can be fully fed on algae, which makes them a very practical choice to produce meat in freshly settled worlds. They are highly adaptable to different solar radiation conditions and don’t required anything but a minimal dose of UV light, water and algae to survive and grow fully. Even underground settlements can have them. Nowadays Ourikon meat is the most eaten meat in the galaxy.

But pact genetic engineering is also used for less peaceful means.Bio-armors, living ships, organic user-machine interface, combat drugs and genetic engineered war beasts are the backbone of the Pact military. Some military companies sell this technology to nations outside the pact with government leave, but the highest and hottest pieces of biotech are protect as government secret. Citizens born with psionic gifts are deemed particulary interesting by the Pact scientists that can often find ways to artificially replicate the abilities in other creatures. A great example would be the Sweepers. Giant atmospheric creatures that can use telepathic powers to scan an area and find any living creature by reading their brainwaves, as well as unleash telepathic attacks to stun or even kill target creatures. The Sweepers are, along with other inventions, the darker side of the Pact love for the manipulation of life.

The Pact

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