Although the first scientifically recorded Psion can be traced maybe to the end of the 19th Century, it is not until the middle of the 21st that Science fully grasped the phenomena of the mind affecting matter. Believed to be esoteric superstition or pseudo science for long, it was a Japanese (Japan was a micro nation located at the future People’s Republic of Eurasian.) scientist that first produce the first series of confirmed test labs with proper registry and multiple psionic users. With his discoveries, many laboratories, public and private developed their own research and talent hunters. But human population was still small, even if relatively big for a single planet, a bit shy of 10 billion people, and their hunts for people that could manifest psionic powers turned only in a couple hundred confirmed individuals that could do little more than tricks. Still the potential was there.

With human expansion through space and population growth, this number grew proportionally at first, and the, nobody knows why, it started to sky-rocket(in relation with previous numbers, since the chance of psionic touch a birth was still less than one in ten millions). Psionic were not only more common, as some started to manifest different levels of power to influence the world with their minds. In July of 2642 TY, Scientists elaborated the Barishkov-Ling-Mei Scale of psionic powers, or the BLM, as it was often called. The BLM would rank Psionics based on their capaciticies, and would categorize then with a letter from F to A representing the scope of their powers, as well as a number from 1 to 10 representing the crude force or intensity of it. But the BLM formulae soon became obsolete as its formulae lacked the necessary means to measure different abilities, and was deemed over complicated and yielding results that weren’t a clear measure of one’s power.

A century later the current in use Clarkson-Helmein scale ranking from grades 1 to 5 was implemented. The science behind it wasn’t easy, but Clarkson and Helmein were able to design a series of tests and control tests to measure one’s psionic strenght within one’s own field of power. They also developed the first unified Psion theory. When the Prognon waves where discovered not fifty years after, Clarkson and Helmein were dead for two decades, but their studies gained new life. Prognon waves are now confirmed to be related to Psionic phenomena and although all humans brains can receive and emit a constant very low frequency of then, Psionic brains can emit it in a very strong a measurable way, and this waves seems to affect the physical particles in a way the weaker, non psionic waves simply cannot for lack of power. Some psions can also read Prognon waves that machines can barely detect, making themselves effectively psionic detectors.

Registered and Known Psionic Abilities:

  • Telepathy
  • Pyrokinetic
  • Ergokinetic
  • Telekinetic
  • Electrokinetic
  • Biopathy or Biomancy


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