Official Name: Federated States of Mars (HW00002)
Classification: Urban World
Population: 9.590.000 Approximately
Political Status: Integrated into the Terran Federation.

The First Extraplanetary Human colony, history of human settlement in mars can be traced back to the early 21st century. But it wasnt until the end of it that the first permanent settlement was build. Since then, Humans have terraformed the planet, creating a suitable earthlike enviroment. Mars is within the habitable zone ring from Sol, as earth.

At first, before Terra united itself, Mars was formed by semi-independent colony that grew into city states. A integration program started with the unification of Terra, and now, even though the cities still have a strong independ identity, they are all under the same administration. Mars is governed by a Chanceler. Each of the major cities elect a representative to the planetary governament.

The two most important locations in Mars are the capital city of the planet, Thebas, and the cultural center and major trade Hub of New Carthage. New Cartage is were most of films and series watched within the Federation are shot, were most of the galaxy wide stars reside, and where the Galatic News Network headquarters is. Therefore, New Carthage is the place to go for someone that wants to be known galatic wise. It’s chaotic and rich atmosphere attract millions of tourists and adventurers every month. And there are people from all corners of the galaxy living within it’s walls.


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