Official Name: RW97271
Classification: Frontier World
Population: 290.000 Approximately
Political Status: Non recognized Authority. Located Within Federation Controlled space.

Erebus is a Class 4 Earthlike world orbiting a dying blue dwarf star. The planet is 80% covered in vulcanic Ash and subject to often wind storms that turn the air unbreathable. Erebus habitants live mostly within underground cities on old abandoned Thoranium mines. Each settlement in Erebus is governed by itself without any sort of centralized Authority.

Erebus was during 20 years, explored by Jameson Mining Co. The company left the planet when the volume of Thoranium lessened considerably and made it not comercially viable to keep extracting locally. Miners and workers were left behind in houses gifted to them by the company when they took off. Few outsiders still travel to Erebus to buy Thoranium off the charts. The Planet is mostly isolated from Galatic Policies.

Recent Rumours speak that the former CEO of Black Jackal Security, Samuel Flynt, stablished a private settlement in Erebus North Hemisphere withing a Sheltered Canyon.


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